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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do at Camp Jefferson?

Camp Jefferson is a weekend filled with many activities – games, crafts, swimming, skits, campfires and meeting new friends – but the greatest focus is on learning God’s word.

How did Camp Jefferson get started?

In 1982 it began as a Lutheran pioneer boy and girl camp, including members from Geneva, Grafton, Sutton and Aurora churches in Nebraska. After that it evolved and expanded to surrounding congregations.

How many cabins are there?

There are 11 cabins, each with a counselor and a teen helper.

About how many attend camp each year?

Youth Camp averages around 75-90 campers.

Teen Camp averages between 15 and 30 campers.

What are the age groups?

Youth Camp is for those entering the 3rd – 8th grades.Teen Camp is for those entering 9th grade through Age 19.

Can I sponsor a child to go to camp?

Yes! If you wish to sponsor a child, please contact us for more information.

Do you have to be Lutheran to attend Camp Jefferson?

No, we invite everyone who wants to hear God’s word.

Can I volunteer to help at camp?

Yes! Parents, family, friends and anyone can volunteer. Feel free to reach out and see what opportunities are available.

What is WELS?

WELS stands for Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. For more information check out the WELS website.

Is tubing on the river still an activity at camp?

Due to safety concerns, we will no longer be going tubing. As of 2018 a newly remodeled pool will be available for camp use.

What does it take to be a counselor or teen helper?

Adult Counselor: 18 and older, Teen Helper: Freshmen – Senior

*All counselors and teen helpers must attend the counselor/help meeting before camp on Friday.

What are the registration prices for camp?

Youth Camp

  • For campers $55

  • For teen helpers $25

  • For adults $15

Teen Camp

  • For teen camper $60

Camp fees listed are as of 2023. See current event for this years prices.

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